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Magog: Millennium 3 Christopher D Corran

Magog: Millennium 3

Christopher D Corran

Published March 2nd 2014
ISBN : 9781628579505
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 About the Book 

Synopsis:EBER is a GUIDE.THE DARK SPIRIT PRISON AWAITS ALL WHO DIE UPON THE EARTH. EBER GUIDES THE HUMBLE AND OBEDIENT BEYOND THE DARK PRISON.In paradise, Eber is covenanted with many sacred female companions. They also serve. They nurture and love those who come from mortal lives of sickness, pain, and suffering. They also bring pure love and solace to his heart, which is torn by the thousands and millions who will not follow. Many will not come unto Christ.Time passes in the mortal world and Mankind turn again toward the temptations of Lucifer. Satan again rages within the hearts of men. GOG and MAGOG fight upon the face of the Earth. Few survive the chaos and destruction of the final war. Some desperately launch into deep space, seeking life on other planets.The first Man, ADAM, is the Archangel: The Seventh Angel, who ordains that the Sun must expand. The Sun becomes a RED GIANT. Earth, Venus and Mercury are within the outer mantle of the Sun. GOG and MAGOG are defeated! EARTH DIES! Jesus Christ ordains the final resurrection. All Mankind stand: before God and The Son. JUDGEMENT DAY HAS COME! Eber is judged a Good and Faithful Servant. He will reign forever. EBER: A GODABOUT THE AUTHOR:Christopher D. Corran was raised in England and Australia, and now lives in Australia. MAGOG- Millennium 3, is the third and final book in his controversial Millennium 3 trilogy.http: //sbpra.com/ChristopherDCorran